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Assertion of a Desi

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I pronounce ‘Cowasjee’ as ‘Cowaaaaasjee’, sometimes say ‘English’ as ‘Angrezi’ and ‘H’ as ‘ech’, most of the times find it difficult to comprehend  and understand the meanings of words that my other colleagues happen to be born with like what avid, disheveled, allure are doing in a sentence, unsure of using ‘the’, ’a’ or ‘an’ in a sentence, in habbit of wrongly placing ‘im’ or ‘un’ before a word to make antonyms, and I don’t understand where to use lolz, lmao and yes I can very easily lose a spelling bee competition and yes I am impressed, like most of the Pakistanis are, with a person having great accent of English and yes I know that too many Yeses have stained the importance.

So my friends if you happen to be reading this article and looking for some hard and tricky words then I am sorry that this piece of errors and slips cannot entertain you. So why I am writing this ‘ERLOG’?

No1.   To represent the 40% people of Pakistan that are lucky to pass the matriculation and intermediate exams by cramming pages and pages of English textbooks but cant rewrite a definition in their own word. English might be the plaything for O-levels, A-levels and ‘burgers’, but we also have a right to express ourselves in this Global village. Don’t you people think while writing that even if I read your few sentences 1000 times I cannot understand what you are talking about?

No. 2   No matter how much we are impressed by your styles but we Desi’s still consider it a sin to write ‘TV’ or ‘Television’ as telly, writing ‘whatever’ as ‘wateva’, and we regard texting lingos as ttyl, tc,  brb, lmao a disrespect to Angrezi. So listen up you 5% Burger Pakistanis ending your last breaths in States or Europe, It might be a fashion for you to use complex and tricky sentences and tagging us Copycat or Deuschebag but it makes our lives hell. Sometimes I wonder that you are an agent of Oxford or Cambridge press intended at making it mandatory for us to buy their dictionaries.

So here I stand the guardian of many desis, learning your ways.